Date Name Description
2005-04-25 tarpit (C version) Implements tarpitting
2005-04-25 vpopmail_check_recipient Checks for existence of the recipient with vpopmail.
2005-01-26 lucheck Checks recipient addresses validity against local user database and defined aliases.
2004-08-29 greylisting-spp A qmail-spp plugin implementing greylisting
2004-07-27 spf An SPF plugin using libspf library.
2004-07-09 badhelo Allows blocking of specified HELO/EHLO greetings.
2004-07-09 badrcptto Allows blocking of specified RCPT TO addresses.
2004-07-09 helodnscheck Checks whether client HELO/EHLO greeting resolves.
2004-07-09 mfdnscheck Checks whether envelope sender domain has valid MX set in DNS.
2004-07-09 tarpit Implements tarpitting.
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If you have written a qmail-spp plugin, consider adding it to this list! But please publish it somewhere on the net instead of sending e-mail attachements and do provide plugin short name and both short and long descriptions. After that, write to or on our mailing list.

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